Monday, August 22, 2011

Frugal Vegetarian Meal

So, in order to trim our monthly grocery budget...we decided to go meatless 2 nights a week.  Those 2 nights would be meals under $5 - which is a pretty big savings overall considering at least 8 meals a month could feed a family of 5 for under $5 a meal.  One night we are having beans and rice - as I have posted before - yellow rice and some seasoned pinto beans - or any combination you can imagine  - and then the other meatless night being a vegetarian Ramen Noodle stir fry..yes, I said Ramen!

We just boil 4 packs of noodles and stir fry a bag of frozen mixed veggies (deluxe stir fry) and top with some soy sauce.  It has become one of our favorite meals and my boys actually love it!!  Give it a try - quick, cheap, and easy!


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  2. this sounds like a good way to get my teenagers to eat vegetables... great idea!